Sunday, February 26, 2006

"Love and marriage, love and marriage
Go together like a horse and carriage
This I tell you brother
You can’t have one without the other

Love and marriage, love and marriage"

I think that Sinatra song was popular when Jack and Jo were married. I decided we needed to give them a post, since several of us cousins remember the little green house with the carport where they lived. I don't know who was at the service...I imagine Jack, Jo (duh...they would have to be there), Granny,Granddaddy, Imogene,Yogi, Marjorie and Charles. I know Jack and Jo dressed up, and I think the rest of the grown-ups did, too. We weren't allowed to go, but told if we were good, Franklin would take us to tie the cans onto the car. I think we had to wait for someone to wake up from napping, and I was feverish thinking we might miss it. We wore shorts and got to ride in the back of the truck. I think we were told we couldn't go inside because we were wearing shorts...which was not good reasoning, since if we had known that was a requirement, we would have dressed in a flash and a half...though riding in the back of the truck and tying cans on the car were a draw in itself. I wanted to see in the windows of the parsonage...I think we craned to look, but we were told we had to be quiet...which was always impossible when we were all together. We tied on the cans, and kept an eye for the wedding party to come out of the church. What happened when they came out? We followed them a little ways, I think...and went back to Granny's. I think I remember sitting in the porch swing, counting the days until they would come home. It felt we had been given this great new present, a new aunt (the same for Lady, though we were older)...and just like whenever a new baby was born, a new pearl on the cousin string.

I spent hours teaching Jo's puppy how to climb up and down the steps at the green house, which was just around the corner and down the sreet from Aunt Imogene's and Uncle Franklin's. Hey, Good Ed...this does have a dog in it!

Shorts? It was December 26!!! bt